How to Create a Sustainable Culture of Innovation

Innovation. It’s one of those things people love to talk about – even dream about – that many, if not most, don’t really understand. Let’s face it, if everyone really understood innovation, there wouldn’t be almost 6 million results on Google News as I write this post, nor would innovation have been in the top […]

I’m Sorry, Sir. We’re Out of Tuna

That’s what I heard tonight when I rang up one of my regular, “no brainer” restaurants because the last thing anyone in the house wanted to do this evening was cook. I order something from them at least once a week, normally lunch, and, to be fair, they’re not really a sushi place. They’re really […]

Cybersecurity for Boards: What You Need to Know Now

$22 billion in losses by businesses per year. $11 million in fraudulent charges. 50 enforcement actions by the US FTC in the last 10 years. 1.2 billion usernames and passwords and 500 million email addresses from 420,000 websites. 63,437 security incidents in 95 countries. 79 seconds between thefts of personal data. $3.5 million is the […]

Winning Strategy Execution Without the Sleepless Nights

How many times in the last week have you lain awake at night worrying about how well your organization was executing your strategy? Have many headaches? How about ulcer trouble? Survey after survey would say you’re right to be worried. Most organizations simply can’t come close to delivering on their strategy’s potential value – sometimes […]