Dear Fellow Security Architect,

You are not alone! I know it feels like it sometimes. And I know this from personal experience.

My name is Andrew S. Townley, and, in addition to being the Founder and Chief Executive of Archistry…

…I’m also a security architect.

I’ve been there – right where you very well might be today – working as a Security Architect at the enterprise, solution, project and application levels in organizations all over the world since at least 2005, when I was the overall Enterprise and Security Architect leading a large, multi-agency, multi-million-dollar e-government project in Europe.

Since then, I’ve watched things evolve, and I’ve watched security become more and more of a conversation point. However, instead of getting better…

…instead of raising the awareness of what it really takes to build an effective security program based on a rock-solid foundation of security architecture…

…it’s only gotten worse.

And, in the middle of tightened spending, a surge in technology-based security controls and nearly daily headlines of new, high-profile breaches…

…the job that you already knew would be TOUGH and LONELY…

…has probably gotten even worse in both categories.

Even as security has become more important from the compliance perspective, the requirements of what really make a successful security program have not.

Many “security architects” are stuck doing day-to-day engineering tasks for 80-90% of the time. And, with the focus on digital transformation, cloud expansion and infrastructure-based initiatives like Zero Trust…

…there’s often precious little interest or appetite to take a holistic, business-driven approach to security.

Security “architecture” is still the technical infrastructure wiring diagrams or the vendor-specific security control recommendations to most CISOs—even the really smart ones.

And that means as a security architect, it’s tough to do the kind of security architecture work you know is possible.

Maybe you’ve tried.

Maybe you’ve even gotten management’s support to stick your head out of the infrastructure weeds and try to determine what the business priorities for security should be…

…but then another headline…persistent threat…or critical vulnerability…

…pulled you back down into the weeds.

And, if you’re like most of us…

…you’re at least frustrated.

But, if you’re like I once was…

…you’re downright pissed off that you know you have a viable solution, approach or suggestion…

…that’s basically ignored or outright rejected by everyone around you.

Because “that’s not what a security architect is supposed to do.”

It’s crazy!

Because, in fact…

That’s EXACTLY what a security architect
is supposed to do!

I’m not quite sure where it all went wrong with the concept of an “architect” in terms of technology, but it did—and badly.

Because most people don’t understand what an architect does in technology. Sure, in building’s it’s easy:

The architect is the one who designs the look and the basic layout of the building…

…and the engineer is the one who figures out how to select the materials required to make sure they can both build it…

…and that it doesn’t fall down in a strong wind.

The rules are (mostly) fixed simply because the medium they’re working with is fixed. They don’t really need to “magic up” a new compound, material or adhesive out of the physics lab to build your standard building.

It’s all built with basically the same fundamental materials:







And anything else is normally decoration. It’s hardly structural.

However, in the land of technology, we can create anything we want.


And because this is true…

…it blurs the lines.

But, since most of that’s behind the scenes to the people who buy or use software or technology…

…they focus on the things they’ve seen—or can see:

The “blueprints” or the “assembly instructions” of whatever it is they’re talking about.

The problem is…that’s not really “architecture”—at least the way I see it.

Because true architecture isn’t just a description of how something’s put together.

Any engineer can do that if they’re worth their salt.

The role of architecture is to describe HOW that component, device or piece of software delivers VALUE—including what that VALUE, function or purpose is supposed to be.

In short:

Architecture is a statement of WHY the HOW is the RIGHT how to solve a specific problem.

And yet, that’s not what people think we’re supposed to do.

They think what’s important is the “blueprints.” But it’s not.

It’s like that famous Dwight D. Eisenhower quote which says:

“Plans are useless, but planning is essential.”

Architecture IS the planning part of anything.

And when you give it the short shrift…

…you’re invariably going to get a bunch of nasty surprises.

Which is why, if you have the wrong view of “architecture”…

…you’re gonna also have the wrong view of what an architect is supposed to do.

And, when things go horribly wrong, you’re a lot more likely to…

Blame the architect!

I recently heard a story, which I’m sure was slightly exaggerated, about the environment in one organization being so bad towards the architects, it was like every time there was some kind of problem, they had a giant wheel they’d spin to see where the blame was going to be.

The problem was…

…all the segments on this wheel were labeled the same way:

“Blame the architect!”

Because, after all, with great power comes great responsibility, right?

Well, in this case, it’s more like the PERCEPTION of great power…

…comes with ALL of the responsibility.

At least when things break.

When they go right?

Well, that was a team effort, of course!

So, the result is a situation where either:

  • architects don’t get to do the true work of an “architect”, or
  • architects only get the blame when things go wrong.

And both of those situations, if they play out for long enough, are the stuff that eventually will make ANY architect…

…I don’t care how GOOD they are…

…feel like a failure.

They’re gonna feel like nobody cares what they do.

They’re gonna feel like they don’t make any difference.

They’re gonna feel completely misunderstood…



…and, most of all…

…they’re going to feel ALONE.

That thing we used to say in the official SABSA® Foundation program about being an architect being a TOUGH and LONLEY job is certainly true.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

It SHOULDN’T be like this.

And now…thankfully…it doesn’t have to BE LIKE THIS anymore!

Because, RIGHT NOW, I’m now accepting new members into…

Now, if you’ve been around a while, you might’ve heard me talk about the Archistry Architect’s Club before. I launched the original Architect’s Club on the 25th of July last year. And since then, we’ve been working quietly – mostly behind the scenes and with a small number of dedicated architects – to PROVE:

There’s nothing like getting access to the right community, support and network…

…to fight all the sometimes-overwhelming CRAP we have to deal with as security architects.

However, despite it being a successful experiment, I realized that there was some stuff missing.

Sure, we had regular calls where we’d get together and chat about what challenges everyone faced…

…people would get answers and advice, directly from me—and sometimes each other.

And we’d keep in touch between the calls on the Architect’s Club dedicated Slack workspace, where Club members would provide updates on how they were doing putting the 7 Principles, 14 Practices and the Baseline Perspectives™ of The Agile Security System™ to work.

However, it still turned out to be not quite in the “Goldilocks Zone” as far as really delivering my original intention for the Architect’s Club to be THE HOME BASE for the growing community of people who:

  • Believe that the current technology-focused approach to security architecture just keeps us busy chasing the same old wolves in new clothes
  • Recognize that threat-based and compliance-based security can’t ever truly be the basis of any attempt to “shift left” with security and add more value
  • Are just a bit stuck trying to figure out how to actually not only apply SABSA effectively to create business-driven security architectures, but who also recognize it takes more than SABSA to be successful as a security architect

And delivering that “more” – in addition to focused guidance, support and ad-hoc education about how to build SABSA security architectures using The Agile Security System – is where I was falling a bit short with the initial iteration of the Architect’s Club.

So, after going back to the drawing board with how to deliver this core objective and collecting a ton of input from other successful communities in different professions, I’ve put together an ALL NEW package—so new, in fact, that I’ve decided to change the name of the Club from the Architect’s Club…

…to simply the Archistry Club™.

Here’s How It Works

I want you to get absolutely the most you possibly can out of the Club to help you either start or expand the practice of architecture-based security in your organization—even if you’re an independent contractor. The Club is here to give you the tools, support and community for those days when you feel…

…a bit overwhelmed…

…a bit stuck…

…like nobody really “gets” what you’re trying to do or why you’re doing it…

…you know there’s an answer to this, you’ve seen it before, but you just don’t remember it right now…

…or even when you just want a sounding board for yet another “crazy idea” about how security could be done better!

The Club is there for you!

Here’s everything you get as a member in good standing of the ALL NEW Archistry Club:

  • A monthly issue of the Security Sanity™ print newsletter (Normally $1,164/yr)
  • A monthly Masterclass on a particular topic of interest, “over the shoulder” problem-solving session, or an expansion on a relevant topic (Normally $5,988)
  • A monthly LIVE Q&A (the “Club Call”) with me where you get to ask your questions about anything I can answer (Normally $29,598)
  • Full access to the COMPLETE archive of past Club Calls going back to the very first one that started it all! (Normally $2,786/yr)
  • Member-only, exclusive discounts for selected Archistry products, services and tools (well over $1,000/yr in Value)
  • Keep up with the community via the dedicated Slack workspace (PRICELESS)
  • Full access to the MASTERCLASS VAULT including every masterclass ever presented to the Club (PRICELESS)
  • Early-access to selected Archistry offers so you can not only earn “bragging rights,” but you can influence their shape and direction too! (PRICELESS)

Plus, in addition to the over $40,000 in value I just mentioned that you get access to as a member of the Archistry Club, you also get…

Part Of The Archistry Club:


When I really looked hard at the original Architect’s Club, however, the single, BIGGEST thing missing was simply this:

Opportunities to connect, network and learn LIVE, in-person, and on a regular basis. Sure, there are other opportunities to connect with the wider security community through various conferences, local events and the like…

…but there wasn’t anything I found that really had the vibe I wanted—one that truly facilitated the spectrum of learning, socializing and downright fun I had in mind.

In short, everything I saw kinda looked the same. Sure, you have special conferences like COSAC, which is 100% unique, and that’s a totally different vibe than what I’m talking about here—and the Club is certainly not intended as an alternative or replacement for COSAC!

But everything else is basically just another “security meet-up” that may-or-may-not have anything to do with solving what you’re facing right now, applying SABSA in a practical way…

…or – most importantly – giving you a chance to practice some of the skills a true, business-driven security architect needs…

…in the safety and friendly environment of…

a community of like-minded security professionals.

Unlike other conferences, events or meet-ups, Club Conversations are unique experiences, each hosted in a different, local venue…

…in various locations around the world…

…and with a fixed, yet flexible agenda…

…that allows you to truly connect with, learn from, and socialize with other Club members as many as 4 times a year.

That’s right. These Club Conversations are happening quarterly, starting in 2024, and they will follow the following, fixed agenda:

2-3 hours of community driven learning, problem-solving, skill development and demonstration…

…followed by at least 1-2 hours of food, socializing, networking and who-knows-what, depending on the venue, theme and location of the particular event.

As a Club member, you get a FREE PASS to one Club Conversation per year, and for each Club Conversation you elect to attend, you’ll also get a special, LIMITED EDITION and truly UNIQUE memento commemorating the occasion that you just might want to collect and show off above your desk in the office.

It’s that cool.

But I’m not going to tell you what it is.

All I’m going to tell you now is that I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it, and it’s going to be something that helps you feel even more part of the Club and the work we’re doing every day to challenge the Security Establishment’s stranglehold on what security should be more than just about anything else I could give you.

In addition to the Free Pass to one event of your choice, you’ll also get a substantial discount off the cost to attend any other Club Conversation, anywhere in the world. All you have to do is get there.

And, if they go as well as I’ve seen in other contexts…

…it’ll be like you’re attending up to 4 unique and highly memorable Security Architecture Masterminds in a single year. You’ll literally get that much out of it, and I’m intentionally setting this up to be something you can easily justify to anyone else controlling your professional development and training budget that they’re getting an absolute bargain based on what it will do to your own confidence, morale and general productivity and effectiveness as a security architect.


Here’s A Peek Inside What You Can Expect At A

I mentioned that it was a fixed, yet flexible agenda. This is true, and it’s always guaranteed to be true, because the details of over 50% of the agenda will be set by YOU and your fellow Club members as attendees.

In the first place, we’ll be gathering somewhere cool, unique and maybe even just a bit quirky to start our evening. And, if you haven’t guessed already, this is truly intended to be an evening of epic proportions, considering that, while there’s a start time…

…we can potentially go as long as people have the energy…

…or the venue has the patience to put up with us!


Once I’ve opened the event, we’re going to decide as a community what we’re going to cover during the Club Conversation. I’m not coming with a set topic. I want everyone who shows up to have a chance to cover what’s on their mind.

We’ll take about 10-15 minutes to allow me to properly open the event and set the stage for the rest of what’s to come. After that, we’ll spend about 5-10 minutes with stickies suggesting options for things to cover during this Club Conversation.

Once the time’s up, we’ll take another 5 minutes to “dot vote” on the topics people have proposed. Based on the number of “dots” on the stickies, we’ll have a selection of topics to much more than fill the time available for any given Club Conversation.


The next step after the voting is complete is that each of the topics will be covered, in voted order, until whomever proposed the topic is happy their issue, question or reason for suggesting it has been addressed. This means that we might possibly spend the entire evening on just one topic. But that’s exactly the point of these Club Conversations: they give the community a chance to work together to connect and help all of us become better—not just in our areas of security expertise, but generally, as people and across anything we think we can cover, inside or outside the scope of what would normally be considered “security.”

The person suggesting the topic will briefly introduce the topic and summarize what they want to get out of the Conversation about it. Once they’ve introduced the topic, I’ll say a few words about it, and then we’ll have an open dialogue about it until we’ve reached the previously agreed “stopping point.”

If we still have time to cover more topics, then we’ll just proceed through the list until we either run out of topics, or we run out of the allotted time for this part of the Conversation. Note that there will always be a time-limit to this segment of the evening, otherwise, we might miss the next one!


I can’t say in advance exactly what the food and drink options are going to be. That would spoil part of the fun and the spirit of discovery that’s part of the DNA of the Club from the start. However, what I can say is that it’s going to be a cool place, with good food, and it’s intended to be somewhere you probably wouldn’t have gone before.

It might be fancy.

It might be frugal.

But, based on continuing the vibe we’ve created earlier in the evening, it’s going to be set up for having a good time, expanding on the Conversation, and just getting to know your fellow Club members and guests.

Each Club Conversation comes with 2 free drinks of your choice, with or without any extra, added “kick” you might prefer, along with one of two or three set dinner options that will accommodate the gambit of carnivores, herbivores, omnivores and anyone with any particular dietary or religious requirements.

After that, the rest of the evening’s on your tab—however long any and all of us decide the evening should go…

…including wherever else it might take us!

As a Club member, you get special discounts on any additional Club Conversations you wish to attend beyond your annual Free Pass, and you also can “bring a guest” along if you want, allowing them access to a “guest pass” discount as well.

But, Before You Get Too Carried Away…


My goal with the Club is to create and foster a spirit of trust, respect and mutual support among the entire community. Therefore, there will be some rules you must accept and abide by to maintain your membership. These rules may change at any time, but when they change or are extended, you will always be provided with a link to the updated rules, so you can make sure the rules are still aligned with what you want from the community.

However, the highest level rules are extensions of maintaining that trust, respect and mutual support, and they describe what these terms mean somewhat more clearly.

Rule #1: This is a closed and trusted community. Anyone violating this trust or the spirit of the community will be kicked out, banned for life, and publicly shamed on the Archistry Club website.

Rule #2: No sharing of Club content outside the Club without prior and explicit authorization from me personally.

Rule #3: The “Chatham House Rule” applies to references to what you read, see or hear inside the Club when speaking with people outside the Club. You can talk about what you heard, saw or read, but you can’t say where or who it came from.

Rule #4: No sharing of proprietary or confidential information within the common Club spaces. At certain times, dedicated spaces may be created for these purposes, but the terms of use for those spaces will differ from these general rules.

Rule #5: Cameras must be on for all of the live Q&A calls. I don’t care what you look like, but I know that having an environment where everyone sees everyone else does a much better job delivering the sprit of trust, respect and mutual support we’re out to achieve than a photo or a black screen with a name and a disembodied voice.

Rule #6: Content, tools, worksheets and any other materials made available through the Club are licensed for your own, sole, personal and individual use, unless otherwise explicitly stated or agreed with me personally. This means you can use them in delivering commercial work, either inside an organization as an employee or as a contractor working with a client, the output you create with the content, tools, worksheets can be shared, but you MUST NOT share the content or tools in “blank” or “raw” form with anyone outside the Club or who does not otherwise have an appropriate license.

Rule #7: These rules apply to all Club events, activities, gatherings or locations—virtual or otherwise. Guests of the Club are expected to be made aware of these rules by their sponsor, and they must be prepared to abide by them. Their acceptance of these rules prior to their participation in any Club activity MAY be required formally, either by video, signature or other similar medium.

Rule #8: Additional, situation-specific rules may be required for Club Conversations, depending on the nature of the topic being addressed. If a member does not feel comfortable abiding by those additional, situation-specific rules, they may excuse themselves from the event, and any payments made to the Club or use of a Free Pass will be reverted.

Rule #9: Annual Free Passes to Club Conversations – or any similar mechanism that may be introduced from time to time – are valid only for the calendar year in which they were issued. It is not possible to accrue Free Passes to Club Conversations. All unused Free Passes will automatically expire on the 31st of December.

Rule #10: These rules supersede and take precedence over any other Club Rules published before September 1, 2023.

Your Membership In The

Archistry Club

If you are already a member of the Archistry Architect’s Club, I have good news for you:


The Archistry Club fully replaces your existing Architect’s Club membership, and you don’t have to do anything other than maintain your existing membership status. Your existing membership and newsletter subscriptions will continue to be managed as separate entities for as long as you wish to be a subscriber and/or Club member.

However, if you are not already a Member of the Archistry Architect’s Club…

…I have a very special offer for you. 

Because right now, I’ve pulled together what I think is the Most Incredible FREE GIFT Ever. If you decide to join the Architect’s Club TODAY…here’s what you’ll get:

Monthly Issues of the Prestigious Security Sanity™ Print Newsletter

Normally: $1,200 a year. As a Club Member: FREE!

12 issues per year of the Security Sanity™ print newsletter delivered to your door each month

How would you like to get extended, in-depth and actionable information you can use immediately in your work as a security architect in your mailbox every month—absolutely FREE??

Well, as a Club member, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

In fact, these issues have been the source of multiple talks at the legendary COSAC security conference, and one of them was once even called the best presentation of the conference by several attendees—and they didn’t get the fully story.

But you will, because you’re going to get the complete issue every month, and you’ll be able to refer to it as often as you like as you put what’s inside to use each month. Some of the most popular issues have covered such topics as:

  • How the SABSA® governance model – when properly applied – demonstrates just how little COBIT® knows about “governance”
  • A practical framework for describing customer value developed by Bain&Co. mapped against what some of our highest priority security customers care about most
  • Why most people completely miss the fundamental issues around what’s involved in successful Cloud Security (and how to describe it better using SABSA’s attributes, domains and governance model)
  • The only 4 types of risk assessments you’ll ever need to worry about making sure you do
  • How to properly understand the discipline of Enterprise Architecture—well beyond the train wreck that is TOGAF®
  • Why you can always start your security architecture with the same set of “Essential 8” attributes, regardless of what you’re trying to “secure”
  • A back-to-back set of issues covering a case study using SABSA to analyze the SolarWinds attack and demonstrate why the MITRE® ATT&CK® framework will keep us chasing our tails in security
  • The reason security is still only ever about access control (and the amount of leverage this unlocks when you “do it right” and only “do it once!”
  • Revealing the embedded architecture of the NIST CSF using the Architecture Archaeology™ approach of The Agile Security System™
  • What you need to know if you really want to achieve “zero trust” (and how properly understanding SABSA means you’re more than 80% there already)

Ask Me Questions LIVE—Each And Every Month!

Normally: $33,000/year. As a Club Member: FREE!

A monthly LIVE 60-MINUTE CALL with me personally answering your questions, giving you guidance on specific topics, and even doing the occasional "hot seat" to get you unstuck and back on track!
COMPLETE ACCESS to all the past LIVE Club Calls so you'll never miss out—even if you can't join us live every month!

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone to figure out what to do about something that has you stuck. Fortunately, as a Club member, I’ve got you covered.

Each month you can join me LIVE on the Club Call™! Club Calls are where we gather each month to make sure we keep moving forward and that any issues or dangling threads you have in your understanding of how to make progress are addressed.

Not only that, but here’s a few other aspects of the Club Calls designed to make them as valuable as possible to you every month:

  • All of the calls are recorded—except where something sensitive is being discussed, and you’d rather the recording be paused as we address your issue
  • You have FULL ACCESS to the COMPLETE ARCHIVE of Club Calls going back to the very first one on July 28th, 2022
  • Even if you can’t join us live, it doesn’t mean you miss out. If you submit your question to me ahead of time, I’ll make sure to either answer it on the Club Call for everyone else’s benefit and participation, or, if we run out of time, I’ll record you a special, personalized reply that will also become part of the Club Call archive
  • The call schedule is fixed in advance, so you always know when we’re going to have them
  • And if we run out of things to talk about, we’ll just have an open conversation instead about whatever’s on people’s minds that have joined us live

Monthly Masterclasses!

Normally: $6,000/year. As a Club Member: FREE!

In-depth concepts, case studies and examples of how to apply SABSA® and The Agile Security System™ to address your REAL-WORLD problems!

As a security professional, we face a number of different challenges each and every day—and a good many of them ostensibly have nothing to do with “security” at all.

There’s also the fact that, no matter how good something may be written or presented…

…there’s no substitute for actually watching someone do it from “over their shoulder” so you can catch all those things that are either implicit, “understood” or just flat-out “too obvious” to mention in the Security Sanity™ newsletter, a book, or the content of other programs.

That’s where the MONTHLY MASTERCLASSES come in, because this is where I go deeper than I can on a single call or issue of the newsletter to talk about all the things you really need to know – and show you exactly how I do it – each and every month.

Now, I won’t say they’re all going to be “over the shoulder” sessions or case studies of how to tackle a particular task—because there’s a whole lot of other stuff we need to cover too to ensure you’re successful as a security architect and your organization’s security program is as effective as it can be. However, my goal is to have at least 30% of the masterclasses being more “hands on” affairs, with the rest being coverage of the topics, concepts, practices, tactics and related theories or skills I think are essential you know.

Not only that, but you have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the complete archive of the masterclasses from the moment you join. However, just to set clear expectations, the first Monthly Masterclass will be released in October, and they will normally be available by the 15th of each month.

Private Club Member Slack Workspace!

As a Club Member: PRICELESS!

A dedicated Slack Workspace EXCLUSIVELY for Club members where you can engage with the community 24x7x365 to stay connected, get your answers and share your successes!

One of the biggest challenges we face in our struggle to be true architects is that we often do it alone. Nobody really gets what we’re trying to do. People don’t understand that a true architect is more than just a technical expert in an architecture.

And we often feel isolated and lost when things get tough.

Well, the whole purpose of the Club is to bring like-minded security professionals who are truly interested in bringing a business-driven and risk-based approach to security to their organizations together so there’s no more feeling like you’re the “Lone Ranger” out there.

You aren’t.

And when you’re stuck, you can always pop in to the Private Slack Workspace exclusively for Club members and reconnect.

Because it’s exclusive to Club members, it means everyone knows the rules. And, more importantly…

…everyone knows the consequences if those rules are violated.

But sometimes it’s not about feeling alone and stuck.

Sometimes, it’s about wanting to share in your successes with people who truly “get it” on a more fundamental level than most of the people you engage with every day.

That too is what the Private Slack Workspace is for. In fact, some of the best, most engaging posts are about the wins people have, the progress they make…

…and the unexpected enthusiasm and adoption of their ideas by people outside security!

And, whether you’re stuck or you celebrating…

…the Club Workspace is there for you 24x7x365!

Exclusive Member Discounts & Early Access!

Value: More than $1,000/year. As a Club Member: PRICELESS!

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS and unprecedented EARLY ACCESS to new Archistry tools, templates and offers—just by being a Club member!

As they say, Membership has its privileges—and the privileges associated with being a Club Member additionally include EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on new and existing products and services through special member-only discount codes, coupons or pricing structures.

However, one of the perks of Club membership that may well earn you “bragging rights” among your colleagues and fellow security architects – not to mention potentially boosting your productivity and performance – is the EARLY ACCESS to new tools, products, ideas and other stuff that hasn’t quite yet “escaped from the Lab” here at Archistry.

But they’re things which could well help you solve a problem, work faster, communicate more effectively…

…or just make the work you do a little more fun.

However, the “early access” isn’t just about things that are ready or nearly so. It also means that your suggestions, feedback and influence…

…have the potential to shape the nature and direction of the work we do here at Archistry!

And, I can assure you:

Nobody but Club members and private clients have this level of access and influence!

Quarterly LIVE and In-Person Club Conversations!

Normally: $2,000/year. As a Club Member: ONE FREE PASS INCLUDED!

Your Club membership includes ONE FREE PASS to a quarterly Club Conversation of your choice—along with discounts to the rest for you and guest pass discounts for your friends and colleagues!

While it’s great to connect virtually at any time of the day or night…

…there’s nothing that replaces direct, in-person human connection. And that’s EXACTLY why as a Club member, you get ONE FREE PASS to the quarterly Club Conversations™—all you have to do is get there.

And remember, the Club Conversations combine learning and community in a unique way so that we learn together…

…about whatever YOU WANT to talk about…

…and we’re not “done” until you say we are!

What’s more, it takes place somewhere that’s gonna be cool…will have great food…and will give you an opportunity to visit places you might not normally go!

It’s like getting access to a BUSINESS-DRIVEN SECURITY MASTERMIND that meets 4 times a year—and you get to come to one of them just by paying the travel costs. This means that the continuing educational value as well as the in-person community, networking and support alone is worth the Club membership dues—and it’s deliberately set up…

so you can make the case for using your annual training budget, because there’s nowhere else you’re going to get the same kind of career and skill development.

In addition to what it does for you, you also get discounted admission to the other 3 Club Conversations every year—AND you get to give your friends discounted access too! That means you can bring along your friends, colleagues or anyone else you think would benefit…

…and they’ll still pay much less than anyone else…

…all because of you being a Club member!

And if that’s not enough to make you eager to join the Club today, it’s time to talk about all the extra bonuses that make this truly…

Because here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make what’s already great even better, because I’m going to give you all of what I’ve just described, and I’m going to add to it nearly everything but the kitchen sink!

If you join the Club today, you’ll get…

Everything You Get If You Join The Club TODAY!


Normally: $49,667. As a Club Member: Only $3141 TODAY!

Not only does the Most Incredible Free Gift Ever include all the essentials for your success as a security architect inside the Club, I’m also going to give you:

  • 3 MONTHS of Club membership for FREE! (Normally $1,047)
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Andrew S. Townley

Andrew S. Townley
Archistry Chief Executive

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